We have worked closely with the team at TRX and with Master TRX Instructor Justin Russ to bring you the asensei "DAILY 8", a comprehensive and general purpose strength and conditioning workout that is the perfect complement to a sports-training regimen, and an excellent entry-point to making the TRX Suspension Trainer a key piece of equipment in your at-home arsenal.


Master TRX instructor and University of Virginia Strength Coach Justin Russ will guide your TRX DAILY8 practice of exercises on the TRX Suspension Trainer. Justin is a Master TRX instructor who has certified hundreds of trainers for TRX and coached Top 5 and Olympic Tennis players at the prestigious IMG Academy in Florida.

We're incredibly excited to have Justin join us as your coach.

Coach Justin Russ coaching at the prestigious IMG Academy.

Coach Justin Russ coaching at the prestigious IMG Academy.


New to TRX? Justin has created a series of TRX HOW-TO videos that will start with getting your Suspension Trainer correctly setup and anchored, before taking you through some of the key procedures, principles and common mistakes (The "6 Sins of TRX") that we want you to know about before you embark on your practice.

The TRX How-to series can be found here: TRX HOW-TO


Once you receive your (app)arel from asensei, you'll be guided through the TRX DAILY8, with Coach Justin giving you more and more nuanced coaching of each exercise in real-time, and asensei counting out your reps and helping Coach Justin make decisions as to when to increase or decrease the difficulty of the Daily 8 exercises.

Until then, we want to get you familiar with the introductory form of each of the 8 exercises, and have Coach Justin review your performance and give you some technique and form coaching and start progressing you through the program.


Each time you perform the Daily 8, you'll perform 8 different exercises.

More uniquely to asensei, each exercise has a series of progressions and regressions that will increase or decrease the technical difficulty of an exercise.

For instance, your first exercise will start as the TRX SQUAT ROW, which is a complex movement comprising a TRX SQUAT and a TRX LOW ROW.

However, as you advance in strength and skill, you may find that the squat component becomes a TRX SINGLE-LEG PISTOL SQUAT, and the row component progresses from a Low Row to a Y FLY and then ultimately to a TRX BICEPS curl.

As you can see, though your daily practice (or however regularly you choose to incorporate TRX) will be 8 distinct exercises, they will be selected for your from a repertoire of hundreds of variations, creating a unique TRX workout each time that is tailored to the quality and correctness of your practice.