Congratulations! You're now one of the first asensei customers to own a set of (app)arel, a cutting edge sport coaching technology that you're going to have the opportunity to experience first, and steer the focus and direction in the months ahead.

Our Chief Technology Officer, Bill Burgar, has been responsible for leading the team that have delivered both the hardware and software product you now own. In this page, we're giving you the chance to let Bill guide you in your setup and orientation of your (app)arel.

If you are stuck at any time, or anything appears not to be working, please email [email protected], and one of the founding team at asensei will attend to your question, and setup a video conference if necessary to get you going.

We're incredibly grateful to our early customers for sharing our vision of Connected Coaching and want to make sure you are up and running as easily as possible.

Overview of your Orientation

Work through each section below in order. Don't miss out any section.

You'll learn:

Washing Instructions

How to wash and care for your (app)arel.

Your (app)arel contains sensors and stretchable cables.

Key points: